Who does Cornerstone help?

Cornerstone is a leading, social care charity providing expert care and support to people living with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs across Scotland. Our care ensures that people with disabilities live their best possible lives, with their choices and voices at the very heart of our support.

Founded in 1980 in Aberdeen we are pioneers in the care sector taking a person-centred approach to everything we do which means that each person’s care is unique to them. This could range from a couple of hours a week helping someone maintain their independence and make friends, to the provision of 24-hour residential specialist care for those with more complex needs.

Our services are in ordinary homes and buildings on ordinary streets from Moray to the Scottish Borders. It’s likely you’ve passed one and haven’t even realised!

Your support makes our work possible

While we receive support from local authorities to deliver care, we still need the support of amazing people like you who are willing to join our Caring Cornerstone Community.

Your support helps us to fund all the things that makes our care exceptional. Whether that’s specialist equipment to help support someone who communicates through signs and symbols; the very best standard of training for our colleagues delivering care or launching new services like our virtual activities channel ‘Cornerstone TV’. It’s you that makes it all possible.

Every year we support at least 1800 people with disabilities across Scotland to achieve important personal goals, maintain their independence and live their best possible lives. But we can’t do this without you. Help to Care with Cornerstone and ensure that people with disabilities have the quality of life they need, want and deserve.

To find out more you can visit our website.